About Me

About Me

Let me welcome you to my Macro world..

I am Alejandra Gonzalez, an amateur macro photographer with no official training but with an enormous desire to explore that small world of nature that many of us ignore, because we cannot see it with the naked eye.
Macro photography always caught my attention, I use to se images on the internet with incredible detail of tiny animals and I didn't know how it was possible for someone to capture such wonder; Until one day curiosity won me over and today I am here learning and taking those photos that I thought I would never get to take.


Dreamy, passionate, lover of nature, sunsets and the moon, kind and empathic with those around me, respectful even with the most defenseless being, somewhat clueless and forgetful. super reactive; An emotion appears in my body and I react, I adore freedom and the simple details of life.. ¿Shall I continue?


Soy original en mi esencia. No podria decir que mis fotos macro son originales, cuando me he inspirado en muchas otras que ya se han hecho; asi que trato de tener mi mente abierta para que surjan las ideas y aparezca ese rayito de luz que me permita hacer una toma única, fiel a mis sentidos.


Soy Administradora de Empresas, 

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